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NEIMËNSTER 28, RUE DE MÜNSTER 2160 Luxembourg Luxembourg Plan d'accès

Workshop : Cycle Information management & Entreprise 2.0

Big data and medicine: towards clinical support systems

This workshop aims to introduce the new era of big data in the field of biomedicine and its impact on public health.

The speakers will give insight into the recent developments in science and technologies worldwide and their possible influences to health care and daily life. The workshop will address the current challenges in Big Data such as demands of IT infrastructure, data quality and complexity, data sharing and privacy protection. It will also introduce the ongoing efforts and achievements in Luxembourg via the active involvement in large national and international projects from Luxembourg Centre For Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), University of Luxembourg. The workshop will be composed of a plenary introduction talk by Dr. Schneider, Head of the Bioinformatics Core Facility at LCSB and a few flash talks by Dr. Schneider and his team on different satellite topics. Interactions between audiences and speakers will be encouraged via question and discussion sessions after each talk. 

Experts: Reinhard Schneider, Christophe Trefois, Venkata Satagopam and Wei Gu, LCSB

Level: Beginner - Intermediate


  • Introducing the big data era in biomedicine and health to the community
  • Awareness of challenges, both technological and societal
  1. IT infrastructure, data quality and complexity
  2. Data sharing, privacy protection and impact to daily life
  • Ongoing efforts and achievements in Luxembourg (LCSB as example)


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