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NEIMËNSTER 28, RUE DE MÜNSTER 2160 Luxembourg Luxembourg Plan d'accès

Workshop : Cycle Ressources Humaines

Company performance via people strategy

Companies with a highly engaged workforce hugely outperform their competitors who do not succeed in engaging their people.

This has been over and over again proven by mid- and long term studies - the impact on productivity, profitability, share price, error rates, quality and, yes, customer satisfaction is truly significant. And more than that, in year 1 your highly engaged workforce will deliver your strategic objectives, in year 2 you will gear up your strategy and in year 3 you will have strategic opportunities and options you would never have reached otherwise.

The definition of the right HR strategy for a business is not copying what Apple or Google do. It's a process that starts with the company's vision and cascades through its long term strategic goals, its business model and its short term strategic plan to become a coherent set of priorities that serve the achievement of those higher business ambitions.

The implementation of such people strategy is not like relaunching your software after a successful update. It involves many stakeholders in the organisation, it challenges habits, changes behaviours and requires attention - but it's worth it! Ask yourself how much you would be prepared to invest in a digitalisation project to achieve a 20% profitability increase for your business?

The right people strategy can deliver such impact at a fraction of the cost - sustainably! Yet, not many companies prioritise this relatively small investment - why? Maybe the answer is because it is actually a bit more complicated than digitalising, but it is not rocket science either. 

Expert: Gérard Sinnes, Vistim

Level: Expert


  • Understand the potential of the right HR strategy for your business
  • Gain clarity on what an HR strategy is about and what not
  • Identify the stakeholders and their roles – owner, enabler, driver, carrier…
  • Discover the key ingredients to make it happen


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