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NEIMËNSTER 28, RUE DE MÜNSTER 2160 Luxembourg Luxembourg Plan d'accès

Workshop : Cycle Communication, Marketing & Sales

How to master press relations

During this workshop, a short moment will be dedicated to the theory (presentation of the different types of press, what are the press relations, etc.) and a large place will be occupied by practical cases and concrete examples. 

"I'm launching a new service / business, and I'd like to hear about it in the press. How to do ?

" We will respond concretely by giving you the keys to succeed your press operation and get articles about your company!


  1. Presentation of different types of press and their specificities (daily, weekly, monthly, radio, TV, etc.)
  2. Understanding the press: what is the difference between an article, an advertorial and an advertisement?
  3. The foundations of press relations: what does it consist of concretely?


  1. Case study "business": I launch a new service / a new company, and I would like to talk about it in the press. Which process to follow?
  2. Case study "salon": I will participate in a show and I would like to show my stand to journalists / get meetings with the professional press during this event. How to do?
  3. Case study "lifestyle": How to get my products they appear in the press "fashion"?


Following the workshop, participants will leave with an "infographic", taking the key steps of a good strategy in PR; and with a toolbox that they can use every day!

Experts: Camille Martins and Patrick Lesage, Takaneo Consulting

Level: Beginner - Intermediate


Les participants à nos événements sont informés du fait qu’ils sont susceptibles de figurer sur des photographies prises lors de l’événement. Celles-ci sont destinées à être publiées dans les supports écrits ou numériques édités par Maison Moderne.