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NEIMËNSTER 28, RUE DE MÜNSTER 2160 Luxembourg Luxembourg Plan d'accès

Workshop : Cycle Finance & Legal

IP Clinic : identifying, protecting and defending your intellectual property assets

We are all creators of something, but what is worth protecting?

If you are in the development phase or about to launch a new product or service, this workshop will help you identify your protectable intellectual property assets. With the help of practical exercises this workshop will first focus on the filing strategy of trademarks, it will then identify what constitutes infringement, and finally propose the best remedies to defend your rights. Although the main analysis will be geared towards trademarks, we look forward to addressing any interests in copyrights, designs, and patents. 

Expert: Olivier Lombardo, Dennemeyer & Associates

Level: Beginner - Intermediate


  • Identifying the assets/creations that merit protection
  • Defining the right trademark filing strategy: where, what, when to file?
  • Identifying what constitutes infringement of trademarks
  • Having good reflexes to defend you trademark rights


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