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NEIMËNSTER 28, RUE DE MÜNSTER 2160 Luxembourg Luxembourg Plan d'accès

Workshop : Cycle Finance & Comptabilité

The salient features of the Luxembourg financial collateral law

The law of 5 August 2005 on financial collateral arrangements is a key piece of legislation that has secured Luxembourg's success in the financial markets for over a decade.

Creating a favourable environment for creditors and bringing contractual flexibility and legal certainty to collateral structures, it has been instrumental in increasing Luxembourg's appeal to all actors in the world of finance. The workshop will focus on the different types of financial collateral arrangements and the salient features of the financial collateral law.

By using the most recent examples taken from case law and her practical experience, Me Stefanie Ferring, counsel in Clifford Chance Luxembourg's banking finance and capital markets practice, will guide you step by step from structuring the security package to its perfection and implementation, and ultimately to the enforcement process, focusing on the most important issues and the strategic choices to be taken along the way.

The major advantages of the law will be highlighted, including the possibility to provide tailor-made solutions for every single transaction, the insolvency remoteness of the financial collateral arrangements and private international law implications as well as the swift and straightforward enforcement.

Expert: Me Stefanie Ferring, Clifford Chance

Level: All levels


  • Give a clear understanding of the legal framework of financial collateral arrangements
  • Provide valuable insights into the practical implementation of the financial collateral law illustrated by the most recent case law
  • Raise awareness of the key strategic considerations, pitfalls and legal challenges


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