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Centre de Yoga - La Source 147, route d’Arlon Strassen Luxembourg Plan d'accès

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Yoga & Productivity

How is it that some rise to a challenge and demonstrate grace under pressure while others wither at the slightest obstacle? Join us for a seminar exploring the practice of Yoga, how it mitigates the stress response and optimises personal and professional productivity.

While experiencing brief episodes of stress actually maintains our vigor and alertness much more so than the complete avoidance of stress, a sustained stress response can throw our nervous system out of whack leading to exhaustion, poor judgement and ill health.  

Yoga provides a number of practices to bring one into a state of balance: 

  • Postures: Its physical practices emphasizes stretching which increases flexibility / improved range-of-motion and strengthening which reinforces joint stability. The effect of both is to reduce stress on a muscular-skeletal level, but yoga postures also have an effect on overworked endocrine glands responsible for hormonal output, and this is very important with respect to countering other forms of stress.
  • Breath: The yogis discovered a strong connection between the breath and the state of the mind and have developed breathing techniques to experience joy and as a consequence to reduce worry, anxiety, depression, fear and anger.
  • Meditation is a way to detach oneself from a situation in order to take a more global and objective view. It uses sustained concentration in a relaxed state to look deeply into a situation where creative solutions can arise more spontaneously.

This seminar will outline the psychological and physiological aspects of stress, often referred to as the fight-or-flight mechanism, which is a natural response to perceived and real challenges, and give attendees an approach of yoga theory and practices, accompanied with relaxation techniques to handle it.


The seminar will be in English and directed by Fred Bender.  Fred has been teaching yoga since 1990 and is co-founder of Centre de Yoga - La Source in Luxembourg.

No prior experience or special physical aptitude is needed.  You may bring your own mats, otherwise mats will be provided.  Participants should dress in comfortable clothing allowing ample body movement. 


Participants are hereby informed that they are likely to appear on photographs taken at the event. These are intended to be published in print and/or digital media published by Maison Moderne.